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Maintain production with decreased nitrogen waste

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Fish IT for Dairy Farmers

Are you looking to boost the efficiency of your operation? A farmer looking to utilise pastures at optimum levels of production? Or perhaps you’re looking for innovations to help you protect and improve water quality without impacting profits? We understand your challenges and are constantly innovating to help you achieve your goals.

Maintain production with decreased nitrogen waste.

Healthy pasture and animal production are the upstream benefits of improved soil health and water retention. Soils with high levels of organic matter have been found to have a higher soil N supply. Because Fish IT works to feed the organic matter in your soil it helps you to obtain ‘more for less’ – more production with less synthetic fertiliser inputs. Now, you can  stay under the nitrogen cap by creating a soil environment that requires less synthetic fertiliser and that creates more nitrogen from the atmosphere.

Growing healthy pastures

What happens above the ground is dependent on what is going on beneath it. Fish IT creates the environment for a much deeper root zone so that your pasture can survive in harder times and provide greater yield and more resilient food for your animals. A force for change, working beneath the ground by replenishing the nutrients in your soil with 20 amino acids which are the building blocks for life – in your soil, your pasture, your animals and people

No excess fertiliser runoff into waterways

Retain more water in the soil when it counts

Biodiverse soils resist pests and diseases

Local manufacture, smaller carbon footprint

Cows love Fish IT. Here's why you will too:

  • Higher growth rates create a quicker turnover of your product, and reduce dependency on supplementary feed whilst greater nutrient uptake enables you to deliver consistent crop quality.
  • Because Fish IT helps to create a balanced soil biome pastures are provided access to a supply of nutrients from soil organic matter. This means plants get access to the types of nutrients they need precisely when they need them, there is less chance of losing profit to diseased or pest-ridden areas.
  • Maintain confidence in your short and long-term production outputs as you transition.

Resources to help you learn:

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Amino Acids Part 1: The secret compound for all living things and sustainable farming.

Download the definitive guide

Benchmarking the soil under your feet – an informative and practical guide to benchmarking and improving your soil.


Audio case study

Opunake Dairy Farmer, Cat Stevenson talks about her experiences with Fish IT.

Application rates

Application of Fish IT occurs at the start of each growing season. Fish IT is food for the soil which in turn feed the plants with better nutrition allowing nitrogen to be taken for free from the air to lessen the need for it being applied topically. Climate and temperature vary across New Zealand but typically, the growing seasons are spread across the three warmest seasons of the year – spring, summer, and autumn. Application rates are 30 litres / ha. Can be less, depending on your situation.

Fish It can be applied via a big nozzle sprayer or chopper and may be mixed with other fertiliser for a single application.