Fish IT N Boost

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Fish IT N Boost is a combination of dissolved nitrogen (N) and Amino Acids mixed with Fish IT Refined our soil bio-stimulant developed using a biological process known as enzymatic hydrolysis. With the addition of Urea and Amino Acids for a total of 103.2 units of N this product is perfect for giving pasture and plants an immediate and slower release form of N. Amino Acids are short form N available immediately to the plant meaning they can process the N into proteins quickly providing an immediate boost. The N from the dissolved Urea, taking longer to be processed kicks in after the Amino Acids providing a continued source of this key growth nutrient. Meanwhile the Fish IT plays its role as a source of micronutrients to the plant and as a bio-stimulant in the soil.

Includes 200Kg of dissolved Urea and 80 kgs of Amino Acids for a total 103.2 units of N per 1000L

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How Fish IT works to balance sustainability with profitability.

Designed and produced by means of a biotechnological process called hydrolysis Fish IT is a soil bio-stimulant that helps to feed soil biology including soil fungi. Feeding the microbes in the soil enables them to release nutrients from organic matter and minerals for plants to grow.  A nutrient-rich soil creates the ecosystem in which plants and crops thrive promoting strong root systems and improved nutrient cycling allowing for reduced synthetic inputs. 

Fish IT helps to stimulate soil biology allowing fungi and bacteria to cycle nutrients in the soil and making these nutrients plant available, reducing the need over time for high levels of synthetic inputs such as N and P. The balanced amino acid content of Fish IT also provides the plant with an immediately available form of N it can use to grow as well as highly available micronutrients plants need. Fish IT helps to create a healthier farming or growing system by reducing synthetic inputs, increasing soil and animal health, and helping to create a profitable and environmentally sustainable agricultural or horticultural system.

Promotes Sustainability

Refine helps to maintain profitability while reducing environmental impact. A biological solution that reduces the degradation of agricultural soils and nitrate leaching.

Increased Tolerance

Source of organic and sustainable nitrogen that provide energy to the plant at key moments, retaining more water in the soil when it counts and improving the plants response to stressful situations.

Plant Performance

Provides energy to pastures, crops and plants in moments of maximum nutritional demand or in periods of stress, aiding the development of plant production and maintenance.

Easy Application

Fish IT Refine requires a single application consisting of one dose per hectare mixed with water and compatible with most traditional fertilisers, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.

After a six-week trial comparing Fish It to urea, the results were black and white. Abundant nitrogen-fixing clover in the Fish It paddock and almost non-existent clover in the urea paddock. We have now cut right back on our urea usage across the entire farm.

Cat StevensonDairy Farmer, Taranaki

With the addition of Fish It we now use 70% less urea across the entire farm, we have better pastures, better crops, healthier animals and no need for pesticides. We don’t need to buy in bales for feed any more because we’ve increased our output.

Georgie GallowayLivestock & Mixed Cropping Farmer, Southland

It is a straight forward process to apply Fish It using a large nozzle sprayer on the Tow and Fert. If required, we can mix other macro nutrients with Fish It for a more efficient uptake in a single application.

Rudi WoutersenApplicator, R & J Agrispray, Invercargill

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