Made with the Environment in Mind

Rising to meet the environmental challenge.

Made with Soil in Mind

Amplify the true potential of your soil health.


Made with Farmers in Mind

Fish IT promotes sustainable, productive, profitable farming.


All the nutrients your soil needs

Fish IT was developed using a biological process extracting 20 amino acids obtained from the process of enzymatic hydrolysis. Taking waste mortality from NZ salmon farms makes it 100% sustainable following a 360 degree model of the circular economy to make fish hydrolysate beneficial for the health of soil, animals, and humans – making Fish IT a perfect product to supplement a sustainable and productive agricultural sector.

We help farmers like you maximise productivity with reduced fertiliser and minimise risk to soil, animal, human and environmental health.

For Dairy Farmers

Protect and improve water quality

For Livestock Farmers

Increase returns per unit

For Growers

Resilience in times of maximum demand
Optimise Profitability

Reduce the use of costly inputs

A healthy soil is composed of a functioning microbial ecosystem that more efficiently uses nutrients, builds soil structure, retains moisture and combats pathogen pressure.

The benefit of building healthier soil
  • Reduce potentially costly synthetic fertilisers applications.
  • Increase your productivity by enhancing nutrient pathways.
  • Increase water absorption supports the plants’ tolerance to drought.
  • Provides the building blocks to promote healthy, productive animals.
  • Promote plant growth and increases agricultural yields.
  • Balanced nutrition and optimisation of synthetic fertilisers when taking a hybrid approach.
Sustainable Growth

Meet the environmental challenge

Biological products help maintain productivity while reducing environmental impact levels. They help to reduce nitrate and phosphate dependance without harming pasture growth.

A reduction in inputs to optimal levels ultimately leads to a balanced nutritional food cycle, leading to a drastic environmental change of chemical leaching into our streams, rivers, and oceans.

Increase your profitability without an environmental impact

Fish IT builds healthy soil to boost plant yields and profitability

Meet your regulatory requirements

Fish IT provides an effective strategy to reduce N fertiliser use under the nitrogen cap without impacting on productivity.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly solution

Fish IT protects the environment and water from nitrogen pollution and soil degradation.
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