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Our Story

Curious to find a better way.

Learn how a group of Southland farmers decided what impact they wanted to have on agriculture, on our environment, on the lives of their loved ones and their neighbours.

Made by farmers for farmers.

We started Fish IT to change the game for Kiwi farmers. We see how the population of the world is growing. We are demanding high quality products at lower prices, produced faster. At the same time we expect more responsibility.

Farming and farmers are exposed to these kinds of contradictions. How can the New Zealand farming sector fulfil a growing demand by maintain production levels without causing harm to the environment?

In 2016, through scientific knowledge, trial and sheer bloody mindedness, we are proud to say we found a way to become part of the solution.

We recognised the value in previously disposed whole mortality salmon from Southland’s clean coastal waters, to develop a biostimulant that comes from nature, to deliver the microbial activity in soil required to support life.

We did what any other Kiwi farmer would – by applying the number 8 wire logic. As Southland farmers, we recognised the problem and have spent time. Looked around us. Taken salmon waste product and turned it into a highly valued biostimulant to help solve the greatest contradiction of our time.

Agriculture feeds the world, and no one is more innovative or better at it than New Zealanders. We want to give farmers products to promote sustainable, productive, profitable farming. Like all great challenges, we can’t do it by ourselves: we work closely with our partners and industry experts to continue to push innovation forward, for the health of soils, plants, animals, and humans.

Since using Fish IT our production of kale and grass has increased along with quality. Pastures become higher in clover percentage that doesn't bloat stock.

Georgie GallowayFarm Manager, Southland

About our people

We are a like-minded group with a shared vision.

We believe careful innovation in farming can make the world a better place. Fish IT is a team of farmers, scientists, accountants, doers, product specialists and business leaders, who all care deeply about New Zealand’s farming sector and the environment. Together we create products to help farmers and growers respond to the environmental challenge by balancing sustainability with profitability.

Our products reduce the environmental impact of agriculture and make farmers’ lives easier. We are dedicated to making sustainable farming a sustainable business. We want to ensure that the farmers, growers and entrepreneurs who are choosing this eco-friendly method of growing plants and animals can rely on a stable and profitable business model.

Circular Economy

From whole salmon to agricultural production

We take waste, whole mortality salmon from the coastal sea waters of Stewart Island, transporting them the short distance to our production plant in Thornbury, just outside of Invercargill. It is here that they are placed into our production cycle to be turned into a fish hydrolysate. Our process is carefully executed to ensure the product maintains the 20 amino acids, fats, oils, and micro-nutrients, essential for life.

Learn more about Fish IT from some of our customers.

Leithfield Nursery – Growing strong Seedlings.

With declining soil fertility due to the use of chemical herbicides and pesticides Leithfield decided to change tac.

Carola Haket – Powering on with Fish IT

Carola Haket saw fert prices rising to all-time highs, and her Ravensdown rep wanting to sell her more fert she decided to have another look at an alternative pathway.

Tony Zonneveld – A thriving farm from the sea

If the soil is healthy then the results of that lead to healthy plants and animals and good quality products out the gate.