Fish IT Products

New Zealand’s fascination with growing grass at any cost has left a legacy of issues including environmental, soil acidification and a reduction of biological activity within the soil structure. Fish IT Ltd has taken a fresh approach in developing products that will produce the desired herbage without impacting on the issues noted above. In fact, all our Fish IT products will increase the biological activity within any soil type to ensure maximum herbage growth. All our agricultural products have been formulated to promote biological activity incorporating a balance of macro and micro-elements to the soil and plant simultaneously.

Fish IT Refined

Fish IT Ltd have created the ideal tool for farmers to get the most benefit out of their soils, adding or removing nutrients as required so the fertiliser is soil and/or crop specific. Using FishIT Refined limits the nutrient discharge of nitrogen and phosphorous into the waterways as the plant absorbs the nutrients due to the fish oils contained in the product. FishIT Refined has been sieved to 300 micron and is easily applied through spray units.

Fish IT AL Natural

This is pure fish hydrolysate and will enhance the microbial activity, thereby allowing nutrients to be unlocked and made available to the plant as well as to substantially simulate worm activity.

What to look for within the first thirty days is the development of mycorrhizal fungi along with an increase in worm population. Pastoral growth will become more even and clover fixing will increase.

Grass Top Cover Before AL Natural

Grass Top Cover After AL Natural