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For Soil that Works for You

Unlock the productivity potential of your pastures for healthy animal production.

Fish IT for Farmers

The health of what’s under your feet is often an overlooked component of animal nutrition and production. When you increase your soil organic matter you increase plant nutrition, improve nutrient (N) efficiency and pasture quality to improve stock condition and add more production value to your animals.

Soil micro-biology requires a source of nutrients to do its work of cycling and unlocking nutrients in the soil to make them plant available. Fish Hydrolysate from Fish IT is one such product that helps farmers make the soil biology efficient. This reduces costs, inputs and helps create an overall healthier farm.

The secret weapon to unleashing productivity potential.

In the same way a champion shearer needs protein and nutrients to compete, your animals need protein and nutrients to grow. Your soil provides the nutrients plants need to feed your animals, in this way the contents of your soil is what your animals eat and are comprised of. This has a major impact on their health and productivity. Even better, if we take care of our soil we take care of our environment, its a win-win.

Higher returns

Plants grown using a combination of Fish IT Refined and traditional fertilisers can grow at 30% higher yields. This is based on comparing pasture productivity in our own trials with yield data made available by existing farmers. We continually run growing trials in-house using Fish IT products, therefore expanding our range of products & improving our datasets over time.

100% natural product means less excess fertiliser runoff into waterways

Helps the soil micro-biology build soil carbon to retain more water

Easy application all year round through a boom sprayer

Local manufacture, smaller carbon footprint

Animals love Fish IT. Here's why you will too:

  • Higher growth rates create a quicker turnover of your product, whilst greater nutrient uptake enables you to deliver consistent pasture quality.
  • Because Fish IT helps to create a balanced soil biome pastures are provided access to a constant supply of nutrients from soil organic matter. This means plants get access to the types of nutrients they need precisely when they need them, there is less chance of losing profit to diseased or pest-impacted areas.
  • Maintain confidence in your short and long-term outputs as you transition.
  • Nurture healthy pastures in harmony with nature.

Learn more about Fish IT from some of our customers.

Leithfield Nursery – Growing strong Seedlings.

With declining soil fertility due to the use of chemical herbicides and pesticides Leithfield decided to change tac.

Carola Haket – Powering on with Fish IT

Carola Haket saw fert prices rising to all-time highs, and her Ravensdown rep wanting to sell her more fert she decided to have another look at an alternative pathway.

Tony Zonneveld – A thriving farm from the sea

If the soil is healthy then the results of that lead to healthy plants and animals and good quality products out the gate.

Application rates

Application of Fish IT occurs at the start of each growing season. Fish IT  feeds the soil biology (specifically fungi) allowing the plants to access better nutrition from already available nutrients in the soil. Climate and temperature vary across New Zealand but typically, the growing seasons are spread across the three warmest seasons of the year – spring, summer, and autumn.

Recommended application rates are 30 litres / ha as an initial drench or boost dose, followed by 10 litres / ha at each application thereafter

Fish IT can be applied via a Boom Sprayer, big nozzle sprayer or chopper and may be mixed with other fertiliser for a single application.