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Enhancing Crop Productivity With The Soil

Replenish your soil nutrient bank by feeding the soil biology.

Fish IT for Growers

Are you a grower wanting to promote plant growth and increase your yields, by optimising nutrients and water to the soil? If you want to grow high yielding crops you need good plant nutrition, which comes from the soil at our feet. Healthy soil contains a billion microorganisms per teaspoon, those microorganisms need to consume organic matter which in turn fosters healthy growth and the nutrients plants need for increased productivity.

MoreĀ boom for your buck.

Our biostimulant provides amino acids, feeding the microorganisms enabling greater uptake of nutrients to the plant, as the soil structures break down and organic matter in the soil returns. The process supports life and helps to maintain perfect growing conditions at every development stage of the plant – allowing you to optimise plant health through every stage of its lifecycle to increase yields.

Higher growth rates

Fish IT Refined acts on the plant’s natural biochemical processes that are of value to improve crop growth, quality and productivity. Furthermore, Fish IT Refined is compatible with other fertilisers and biostimulants.

Plants grown using a combination of Fish IT Refined, traditional fertiliser, and other biostimulants grow higher yields. This is based on comparing crop productivity in our own trials with yields made available by existing users. We continually run growing trials in-house using Fish IT products, therefore expanding our range of products & improving our datasets over time.

No excess fertiliser runoff into waterways

Retain more water in the soil when it counts

Produce healthier crops providing higher yields

Local manufacture, smaller carbon footprint

Plants love Fish IT. Here's why you will too:

  • Higher growth rates create a quicker turnover of your product, whilst greater nutrient uptake enables you to deliver consistent crop quality.
  • What is in our soil is what we eat, Fish IT nurtures mineral dense, nutrient dense food that equates to healthy people.
  • Reliable year-round harvests mean you can achieve consistent profit projections and estimates.
  • Greater microbiological fertility of the soil.
  • Regenerates soils by increasing the microbial population of the soils in intensive growing situations.
  • Stabilise the ecosystem’s ecological functioning and productivity.
  • As it is a natural product, Fish IT Refined does not produce undesirable residue on the plants, nor does it alter the characteristics of crops and harvests.
  • Improves water efficiency
  • Improve the plants’ tolerance to stress.
for growers

Learn more about Fish IT from some of our customers.

Leithfield Nursery – Growing strong Seedlings.

With declining soil fertility due to the use of chemical herbicides and pesticides Leithfield decided to change tac.

Carola Haket – Powering on with Fish IT

Carola Haket saw fert prices rising to all-time highs, and her Ravensdown rep wanting to sell her more fert she decided to have another look at an alternative pathway.

Tony Zonneveld – A thriving farm from the sea

If the soil is healthy then the results of that lead to healthy plants and animals and good quality products out the gate.

Application Rates

Application of Fish It occurs at the start of the planting season. Fish It is food for the soil which in turn feed the plants with better nutrition allowing nitrogen to be taken for free from the air to lessen the need for it being applied topically.

Fish It can be applied directly to the roots of seedlings or to the soil prior to planting via a nozzle sprayer and may be mixed with other fertilisers or agri-chemicals for a single application.