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Our Team

An experienced team, passionate about farming.

We are here to help you.

It's a simple statement at the core of everything we do.

The Fish IT team brings together a diverse and highly experienced group of people passionate about farming and growing. Most importantly we are here to help farmers and growers grow healthy, resilient, productive pasture and crops.

Michael Smith

Sales & Operations

A dairy farmer of 20 years and former Tow and Fert contractor Mike has had a varied and long career in the diary farming industry. With a particular interest in fertiliser, Mike has vast experience and knowledge of fertiliser, soil health, and farming in general.

Mike has a solutions focused mindset and is always happy to help farmers and growers do more with less.

Contact Mike
027 203 9771

Jolyon Ludbrook

Sales & Marketing

With a career that has seen Jolyon own and run businesses in the Media and Communications industries, Jolyon brings a wide variety of experience to the team.

Over the last 5 years he has developed a passion for agriculture and horticulture through his work with Tow and Fert and this has led to a strong working knowledge of fertiliser and farming.

Contact Jolyon
021 828 791

Tracey Smith

Customer & Admin Manager

Tracey has had a varied career that includes banking, dairy farming and automotive supplies. Tracey’s strength is in supporting the team to ensure they are best equipped to do their jobs for the customer to the best of their ability.

As a former dairy farmer herself she understands the challenges and work they do every day on the farm.

Contact Tracey
027 308 3505

Roger Heaps

Factory Manager

The longest serving member of our team, Roger is responsible for the manufacture of Fish IT Whole Salmon Hydrolysate. With an engineering and farming background Roger works onsite managing the plant and equipment, shipping Fish IT around the country to customers.

If ever you are picking up a pod of Fish IT, Roger is the one who’ll load you up.

To arrange a pickup call
0800 347 448

We love Fish IT. You will too:

  • Healthier soils grow stronger, more resilient plants that are laden with high quality nutrients. Fish IT helps to free up nutrients in the soil allowing it to be used by plants to grow. The result – dense nutrient rich pasture and produce.
  • Because Fish IT helps to create a balanced soil biome, microbes, fungi and bacteria can access a supply of nutrients already present in the soil organic matter. This means plants get access to the nutrients they need precisely when they need them, in a form they can use efficiently. As a result plants are often healthier, stronger and ward off pests and disease with reduced requirement for pesticides and herbicides.
  • Healthy soil is full of microbes, fungi, bacteria and of course worms. Fish IT helps all these organisms thrive meaning your plants you rely on for production also thrive.

Learn more about Fish IT from some of our customers.

Leithfield Nursery – Growing strong Seedlings.

With declining soil fertility due to the use of chemical herbicides and pesticides Leithfield decided to change tac.

Carola Haket – Powering on with Fish IT

Carola Haket saw fert prices rising to all-time highs, and her Ravensdown rep wanting to sell her more fert she decided to have another look at an alternative pathway.

Tony Zonneveld – A thriving farm from the sea

If the soil is healthy then the results of that lead to healthy plants and animals and good quality products out the gate.