Northern Southland Trial Results

FishIT Ltd is a small Southland owned company and was established to utilise the sustainable resource of fish from the cleanest waters in Southland and to create a biological soil booster suitable for all soil types.

The range of FishIT Ltd hydrolysate products have been formulated to contain the maximum protein, fats and omega oils and a range of macro and essential micro-nutrients. This has been achieved due to the whole fish hydrolysate process.

Veteran Southland soil scientist Stan Winter was engaged to carry out independent, controlled trials on FishIT products.

Trial Results - Andrew Bowmar

These graphs show a clear stock grazing preference in regards to applicated areas of FishIT Ltd products.

Cattle entering the trial cell containing 4000kd dm/ha will consume around 1200kg (30%) more FishIT treated feed than from the control area of the cell.

Trial Results – Currie, Fenced Mowing Sheep Dryland

Trial Results – Day, Silage Paddock, Irrigated

Given good moisture and pasture residuals after harvest, FishIT amino acids achieved a very significant improvement when applied with a conventional fertiliser programme. Additional cost of treatment was $60/ha plus spraying.

Basal fertiliser on both areas was potash sulphur super.

Cumulative additional yield over 4 months was 2400kg on a cocksfoot dominant sward, i.e. 2.5c/kg.

Farmer Applied Trials

This data is from trials laid down by farmers using their own equipment. It represents a trial area in a pasture and is applied on top of normal farm practice for fertilizer and lime.

A ‘No FishiT’ zone immediately surrounding the treated area is measured as background production, i.e. control. Treatments are applied after intensive grazing.

The measurements, using capacitance probes, are three to four weeks after applying FishiT and prior to the next grazing.

Advantage line is the difference between control and treatment showing the additional dry matter produced due to the treatment applied.

Importance of Organic Matter

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Our products biologically enhances the soil and promotes root growth.

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