Importance of Water – By Hamish McCallum

By Hamish McCallum

Technical Director Fish IT

Years spent in the Middle East have made me “hyper-aware” of the importance of water.

Often in the discussion about water we can focus on streams and aquatic life, but this can overlook a fundamental point – humans need water to survive and our health and life itself is at stake in the discussion..

When we talk about water we need to remember that it is ultimately the quality of our lives that is at stake.

It’s important not to be too casual about the way we use and abuse our water resources – something that is easy in New Zealand with our apparent abundance of water and continual focus on our “clean, green” image.

As a country we have an urgent need to turn the image into a reality before it is too late.

Unfortunately we are now at a point where there is no quick fix to our water quality issues as we begin to address the legacy impact of our farming system choices.

The farming sector needs to make a start now or we risk having draconian solutions imposed on us.