Heracium Control Greenhouse Trial Results


Stan Winter was engaged to carry out an independent, controlled greenhouse trial on FishIT Heracium control. The trial was carried out from early October 2017-early January 2018.

The soil samples were sampled in the Maniototo from a heavily infected commercial farming operation. FishIT Heracium Control at varying strengths were applied in single applications. Tunnel House temperatures 6 – 40’ C, with water applied on a weekly basis (equivalent to 5 mm rainfall).

Control – FishIT Refined only
A – FishIT Refined & low strength additive
B – FishIT Refined & medium strength additive
C – FishIT Refined & high strength additive

After 3 weeks, sample C (high strength) has forced the Hieracium into a reproductive phase with considerable damage to the leaf. Samples A and B have stimulated the growth of the cover and other grasses with slight damage to the leaf of the Hieracium.

After 5 weeks there is a notable effect on all strength samples.

After 11 weeks Sample A has been discounted from the trial. At this stage in our trial the result from the control (FishIT Refined only) looked very promising. Observations showed the regeneration of grasses in Sample B, whereas sample C shows the clover had been severely affected.

15 Week observation: Sample B has clearly the most dramatic effect with clover and grasses outgrowing the Hieracium. Sample C is showing the clover has been severely affected.


Sample B clearly demonstrates the clover and grasses have dominated the Hieracium.

This trial was conducted in a controlled environment but the results shown in this trial are dramatic. Further analysis and trials are to be conducted and if successful, will have a substantial financial benefit to high country farms in the South Island where Hieracium is dominant.

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